Green Flag School

In September 2007 Scoil Chroí Ró Naofa proudly raised its first Green Flag at the front of the school grounds. This hard-won prize was awarded by An Taisce to schools which have met specified targets in litter awareness and waste reduction. Children representing all classes, 2 teachers, 2 parents and 1 representative from the local community formed a Green Flag Committee to achieve these targets. The committee, in turn, successfully sought ways to engage the entire school community in these efforts and, in so doing, raised among the children and their families an awareness of the environment and our relationship with it.

In January 2009 the school succeeded in being awarded with its second Green Flag, this time for outstanding efforts to reduce energy consumption and for raising awareness of environmentally-friendly ways of energy generation.

In June 2011 the school was awarded its third Green Flag, for efforts in the conservation of water. This included initiative such as changing the taps in the school to push taps, the use of hippo bags in the toilet cisterns, rainwater collection systems.

In June 2013 the school was awarded its fourth Green Flag, for their Travel Theme, the children came up with all sorts of ways to reduce the traffic on our roads by organising as many children as possible to walk and cycle to school and where this wasn’t possible they organised carpooling along with park and stride.

In June 2015 the school was awarded its fifth Green Flag, for Biodiversity, the children increased awareness within the school community of the importance of Biodiversity and how to help Biodiversity within the school and home environment.

Most recently in June 2018 our school was awarded its sixth Green Flag for Global Citizenship. The children and our school community celebrated this wonderful achievement with a ‘global food’ day as we recongise our place in the world we live in.

Scoil Chroí Ró Naofa
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